IBM Storage System Upgrade

Upgrade your IBM Storage Systems

IBM Storage System Upgrade - Upgrade your IBM Storage Systems

Learning a New System Takes Time

image5You may have been working with your current IBM server, the rebranded NetApp machine, for several years now. Working with any system for that long will breed a substantial amount of familiarity. You and your employees who work with the server know it inside and out. You know the software and how to do the backups, retrieve data, and search for files quickly and easily. It’s a highly efficient setup that simply “makes sense” to you. Moving to IBM’s new storage solutions could cause some issues in this case.

While some things may be familiar, you will be working with an entirely different machine and different software. You will have to relearn a number of things, and you need to make sure that everyone in the company who uses the server learns as well. Retraining and learning to use a new system is often counterproductive. It takes time, it can breed frustration, and it reduces productivity in the beginning. It’s true that in time you will understand the system. However, if you already have a machine and OS that you understand, why would you want to change things if you don’t have to?