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Upgrade your IBM Storage Systems

IBM Storage System Upgrade - Upgrade your IBM Storage Systems

Data ONTAP and IBM N-Series

image2The goal of the OS is to provide an efficient and flexible operating system that’s easily scalable. The unique qualities of the system make application, data management, and scaling up and down very simple. The unified storage platform also helps to reduce both planned and unplanned downtime, which is important for all businesses today.

IBM’s N Series is famous for its reliability and functionality, as well as its ease of use. One of the best things about these storage devices is the addition of Data ONTAP, an operating system that provides users with a simple to use and understand interface so they can get up and running very quickly. The system works well for file storage and can act as an NFS or CIFS server, allowing it to provide files to UNIX clients and Microsoft Windows clients, so everyone can easily share files. Sharing is possible using three different security styles – UNIX, NTFS, and mixed.

The system also offers advanced drive partitioning, also called ADP. This is one of the newer features in the system. Rather than making use of dedicated disks in root partitioning, this splits the root across a number of drives in the system. This tends to work the best for some of the smaller units in the line, and it works with any disk type. The benefit is that it can eliminate the need to use a dedicated disk.

The latest update from Data ONTAP also offers high quality flash performance. It uses “inline zero write detection”, which saves the write cycles right on the storage. This reduces some of the redundant activities on the machine, and will provide the machine with much better overall performance.

Some of the other benefits of using the OS include:

  • Multi-Vendor Virtualization
  • Secure Multi Tenancy
  • Integrated Data Protection
  • FlexClone
  • United Management
  • Always-On Scalability
  • Always Available
  • Easy Resource Balancing

Those who have been using Data ONTAP with their N Series machine know what a powerful tool it is and how simple it makes all of the aspects of managing their servers and data. Since you are used to the system and you know and enjoy how it works, it’s a much better idea to stick with the machines straight from NetApp, which will continue using Data ONTAP. When you work with the new IBM machines, it could take too long to get used to the new system, and you may find it is simply not as robust and convenient as you want it to be. You can be sure you’ll have Data ONTAP when you are working with the NetApp machines.

Overall, IBM is a good company with a long time in the field and a stellar reputation, but you need to remember that NetApp are the ones behind the N and DS series machines that you’ve been using with great success. Instead of following and upgrading with IBM blindly, consider all of the good reasons to upgrade with NetApp.